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Here you can find our social media and contact information.

This page entails facts about BDC and our workers.

The work we do and photos of that work can be found here.

Contact Us

We are here at your service with top notch work and trained electricians that always provide a great experience.


Providing A Multitude Of Solutions

Here at BDC we offer our services with qualified electricians that have conquered strenuous challenges. From complete service upgrades to micro managing receptacles. Every task requires mindful thinking and planning no matter how small. We are here for you, just ask one of our trained employees on the "contact us" page. 

Working For The Tri-State

Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky all fit in our area of work. 

Affordable Prices

We offer well calculated and fair prices to our customers.

We Are Qualified

We are featured on a multitude of websites and have outstanding reviews.

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