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About Us

BDC Electric started in 2017 by me, Bradley Cullen. I've been in the electrical trade since 2006 and I have been taught by some of the best electricians in the industry. I was taught to keep all work neat, organized, and to the utmost quality. I still stand by that now with my own business. We will take the extra time to make sure all work is done professionally

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Meet The Team

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Bradley Cullen

I'm the owner and a master electrician. I have a family myself so I understand the importance of having things function properly. If you have a question or a problem give us a call or send us an email.


Steven Katenkamp

I am a journeymen for BDC. I am here to supervise our apprentices and ensure the highest of quality.


Peter Diller

I take pride in providing high quality work. I'm also known as the "zip tie king" because I can't allow anything to look less than perfect. 


Daniel Denton

I am the brother of Bradley and an apprentice. I found an interest in the work and the comforting environment. I hold a high appreciation for the work we do and the people we get to meet.

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